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TDC Learning Centers, Inc.

FORMERLY TOPEKA DAY CARE. Serving local children and families since 1963.


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and exceed expectations. 

Thank you, and please know that your generous gift is greatly appreciated.

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"We work so you can work"


Dear Community Member,

When you need child care, where do you turn? If you’re like many in the Greater

Topeka area, you go to one of four TDC Learning Centers. Why? Because you know

you’ll receive top notch day care for infants, toddlers and preschool children. You

also know that you’ll be respected by a dedicated, compassionate team in a warm,

caring environment.

Your contributions have helped make TDC Learning Centers a leading child care provider, and we are so grateful to you for supporting our committed group of care givers. Thanks to you, our employees have meaningfully touched the lives of thousands since we began in 1963 – whether they cared for an infant, so the parent could resume a career or sought to improve the quality of life for a teen mom, who gets child care assistance while finishing her high school education. TDC Learning Centers exist to serve you and your loved ones – to provide nurturing care that promotes healthy growth, developmental milestones and positive learning experiences.

Our Centers count on your support, and your gift is extremely important because it provides toys, games and curriculum that make an immediate impact. The gift of $50, $100, $500 or $1,000 can make all the difference…to our directors, our lead teachers, our teachers, our staff aides, our substitutes, our interns and to everyone here who works to serve you. And if you’d like, you can specify your gift to a specific place or program – Crestview Learning Center, Little Explorers Learning Center at Trinity, Adventures in Early Learning Center in Downtown or the Highland Park Parent-Child Learning Center.

Please consider making a generous tax-deductible donation to help us support and strengthen families while allowing children to learn, play and grow.

Thank you for any consideration,

David George

Executive Director






James and Jackie made separate scholarship donations and here's the recipient's response....


"I don't know what to say. Your caring and generosity is beyond comprehension. 

I have been so stressed out, trying to figure out how I am going to provide gifts for my children this Christmas AND pay my past due child care....this is truly a holiday miracle. I can't begin to thank you enough!! 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And thank you again for making mine so much better."

Cade R.