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Henry Caudle, age 4, passed away on Thursday, January 24, 2019. He was attending TDC's Crestview Learning Center in Topeka, Kansas on the day of his death.

Henry was born January 1, 2015, at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. Before his birth, he was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, HLHS. Despite having only half of a heart, no child loved more fully than Henry. Despite three heart surgeries before he was three and a half, he always enjoyed the company of those around him. He was always ready to greet his family, friends, classmates, nurses, and doctors with a hug and a laugh. 

Like any four year old, his joys were simple. He enjoyed being read stories, especially Pete the Cat; he loved watching his favorite cartoon, PAW Patrol; he loved playing games like Connect 4; he was great at doing jigsaw puzzles; and, he loved going out to eat, because it meant seeing more places and meeting new people. 

Perhaps Henry’s favorite thing to do was to swing. If he managed to convince you to push him on a swing, you were likely to be there for half an hour - or more, if you let him. 

Henry is survived by his parents, Paige and Jason Caudle, and cat, Lily. His light shone briefly, but brightly, searing himself into the memories of all who knew him. Henry, we love you. Always.


As a tribute to Henry, TDC Learning Centers, Inc. is raising funds to support the creation of a playground memorial. There will be a dedication ceremony this August if funds can be raised for an engraved park bench, plague and additional swing. Bless you for considering a small donation to make this special event happen at the place where Henry experienced so much joy and laughter.

TDC is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1963 to provide care and early learning instruction to children across the Greater Topeka area. To learn more about Henry’s life and journey, please visit fellowshipofthecaudles.blogspot.




Wednesday, September 25th

5:00 - 8:00 PM

2021 SW Wanamaker Rd, Topeka, KS

Mark your calendar and help spread the word. 

The flyer is available below. Please click, print and bring to event.



Trot4Tots 2019

You braved the elements and made this 5k event successful.

We cannot thank our sponsors, volunteers, friends, family members and coworkers enough. 

Tot Trot 


Randilynn Vickers  6:12.7

Jill Walder  6:51.6
Heidi Walder  7:11.4

Sanaa Hibler  7:18.9

Henry Gleason  7:49.3
Mercy Harris  8:04.6

Seliah Harris  8:42.9

Clara Zajic  10:32.3




Kirk Johnson  18:18.5

Mia Raftery  18:34.2

Derek Arnold  19:13.3

Mason Vickers  20:06.0

Senobio Hibler  21:06.6

Courtney Chavez  22:28.5

Tenley Walder  22:29.8

Dean Zajic  23:08.5

Brad Bleich  23:42.4

Callie Bleich  23:42.6

Maks Dreiling  24:28.8

Chris Jones  24:33.8

Barb Bleich  25:54.3

Jennifer Leclair  26:12.8

Matt Bleich  26:27.1

Brooke Mueller  27:20.0

Kelly Burghart  27:32.9

Vicky Walters  27:36.3

Rikae Garcia  28:36.5

Kelly Gerhardt  31:36.9

Paige Caudle  31:52.7

John McDaniel  38:40.5

Mashayla Hibler  39:05.8

Macy Ahrens  49:54.4

Danielle Davey  49:54.5

1st Place by Age


12 & Under

Teriley Walder   F

Marks Dreiling  M

13 to 20

Mia Raftery  F

Mason Vickers  M

21 to 25

Courtney Chavez  F

Matt Bleich  M

26 to 30

Callie Bleich  F

Brad Bleich  M

31 to 35

Jennifer Leclair  F

No male

36 to 40

Paige Caudle  F

Derek Arnold  M

41 to 45

Kelly Burghart  F

John McDaniel  M

46 to 50

Kelly Gerhardt  F

No male

51 to 55

No female
No male

56 & Over

Barb Bleich  F

Kirk Johnson  M